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Dan Rocks!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Dan Rocks!

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Stephen Fung Tak-Lun [ Tuesday
Sep 11th 2007]

I have come to pimp a new community dedicated to Stephen Fung Tak-Lun:

fungtaklun fungtaklun fungtaklun

If you are a fan of Stephen (or his works) please consider joining!

Could I also ask the mod if you want to affiliate?

Thanks (^_^)

A few more icons. [ Wednesday
May 16th 2007]

[ mood | artistic ]

 Oh well.





5 Rocks!Dan!

Daniel and some curse Icons! [ Monday
Apr 30th 2007]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hello! I've seen this community and I nedd to be a part of it!!!

My Hello is a sort of icons that I made a few days ago.

I did put some curse language on it, but I think Dan looks so sexy when he's speaking like that so...
I hope you don't mind. ENJOY! You don't need to credit those XD
(and some xtra panda icon X3).

Greetings!!! Dan Rocks!
1 Rocks!Dan!

beyond our ken icons [ Friday
Feb 16th 2007]

[ mood | crazy ]

long time no write. here are some icons from dan's beyond our ken. Enjoy.


1 Rocks!Dan!

screencaps from twins effect 2 [ Saturday
Jan 27th 2007]


hi im new to this comm.. yah, my name is miranda
i made screencaps from twins effect 2.. i think the movie is just really horrible, i just skipped to the good parts Daniel was in... 


ill be back with screen caps from New Police Story(my fav daniel movie), one nite in mongkok, and divergence ..:)

oo and here are some cool sites that are updated all the time


and there are a bunch of youtube videos of daniel wu and alive
2 Rocks!Dan!

.::I want action!!!!::. [ Sunday
Jul 30th 2006]

[ mood | crazy ]

Why is there no action in this community???? I could chat about Daniel 24 hours a day and here is absoultely no movement??? How could that be??lol.
Anyways, Daniel Wu ur my fave, Love ya, keep up ur ggod work!!! Lookin forward to The Banquet !!! 

*keeping this community alive !!!!*

3 Rocks!Dan!

Daniel variations for u! [ Tuesday
May 30th 2006]

Some Daniel Wu icon variations. I know they're simple but still...enjoy!



[ Wednesday
Apr 26th 2006]

hey guys,
I'm new to this community and thought as a welcome gift
I could make a few Daniel, Nicholas and New Police Story icons for you,
feel free to use them.

(8) Nicolas Tse icons
(22) New Police Story



cross posted in nic_tse_icons jadebutterfly

1 Rocks!Dan!

[ Sunday
Dec 18th 2005]

The Alive Boys minus Daniel were at the 2005 Yahoo Buzz Awards. They have received the Music Categories Artist Newcomers award! :D

-written by Terence in alive website-

(Alive is the group of Dan ^^)

[ Sunday
Dec 11th 2005]

[ mood | grrrrr ]

Bishonen screencaps *¬*

Dan x Terence
Dan x Terence at bath
Dan x Fung
Dan x Fung3
Dan x Fung4
Fung x Terence

Love these guys >o<!!!!!!!

3 Rocks!Dan!

[ Wednesday
Nov 23rd 2005]

Dan rocks u know!!!!
3 Rocks!Dan!

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